One of the largest Christian publishing companies said: "We will not publish this book because of the content!"

But It's the same content that you find in the bible!
Resurrected From Hell touches on a subject for every single person in existence.

It truly defines GOD'S non-judgmental LOVE that HE has for us. As well as depicting a very clear indication of how GOD, is wanting and willing to connect with each of us.

RFH actually reveals a part of spirituality that most do not believe in because they have not been formally introduced to THE GOD of Rationalism and Understanding.

Resurrected From Hell is a revelation that merely materialized because of the hopeless and horrible situation that I found myself in. Only thru my desperation did I allow myself to open my mind and heart to a new way of thinking and hope, ( which was made possible by THE HOLY SPIRIT) and by doing that, it literally changed my circumstances and reality.



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