Review of: Chapter Four | A MARRIAGE FORMED BY GOD | From: RFH VOL 1


The opening of this chapter is very much the man that I was. I had no vision of a woman outside of her being nothing more than a sexual object. When you take that thought pattern and try to build a marriage around it, a divorce will most likely result from this almost every time ... which is what happened to me on two different occasions. If you're okay with someone cheating on you, then you might be a perfect fit for a spouse like I once was. I was never faithful to any of the women in my life.... girlfriend, wife, or whatever it was ... I was always looking for the next best thing! From one relationship to the next I was always expecting something different and better each time. The truth is... it was only about self-pleasure.... and then one day I met Keisha, girlfriend then... wife now!

The relationship between her and I started out bad and just got worse, there was not one good thing about it. Had we gotten married at the time, that marriage definitely would have ended in divorce. Thankfully in that moment that we were not putting JESUS CHRIST first, we didn't get married. I went to jail instead and that was the best thing that ever happened to me!

Seeing Keisha, for the first time after accepting a relationship with JESUS CHRIST and being released from jail, I can truly say, was the first time that I had ever truly seen her. And it's because GOD showed her to me. That's why this chapter is very near and dear to my heart. GOD took two people that were not even on speaking terms and brought them together in a bond far beyond anything that we could ever imagine.

And both of us know without question, that our marriage is ROCK solid... because it is built off of the TRUE ROCK, JESUS CHRIST.

HE'S the reason that our marriage exists and the reason that we are not doing the things that we once did. Sure we have our ups and downs, but there is no one more perfect than Keisha to be by my side through it all. We both know that anything that tries to come against our marriage will not succeed!

Thank YOU JESUS for my marriage, a marriage formed by GOD!

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