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For your cause! RFH Ministries is about connecting with people through GOD. When I begin writing Resurrected From Hell, I envisioned it being free for everyone. “When” I first published it that seemed unattainable. However, nothing is impossible with GOD.

LUKE 1:37 (NLT)
“For nothing will be impossible with GOD.”

JOB 42:2 (NASB)
“I know that YOU can do all things, and that no purpose of YOURS can be thwarted.”

When I released it, I didn’t know anything about the publishing process or how I could even begin to make it (RFH) free for people. Some publisher’s rules and guidelines will not allow you to publish a free book. I did not realize this before publishing. I was kind of in between a rock and a hard place. Not to mention the book was a complete disaster. It was full of misprints and sentences that had run together. It had parts of paragraphs that left me wondering where they had come from… Some online stores where it was being sold had my name incorrect, and most of them didn’t even have an author’s bio on me. One had the inaccurate bio altogether. They listed my bio as an English professor that lived in North Carolina. Please don’t get me wrong here. I’m not trying to slam the publisher or anyone else for that matter. I take 100% of the responsibility! It’s my work, and my name is on the cover. Rather than speculate on how Resurrected From Hell Volume One winded up as nothing short of embarrassing. I prayed and focused on what I could do. I wanted to revise it! When I started the revision, I found myself wanting to change certain things and the way that I may have said them. GOD told me not to, Resurrected From Hell is a Great story and shows Spiritual growth. There were some paragraphs that were cut out and some that were not there at all. So that’s what I focused on fixing “as well as” educating myself on the publishing process. While I was doing that GOD was laying the foundation for RFH MINISTRIES. Which has something to offer to everyone! Resurrected From Hell VOL 1 and any other volume that follows is free as an e-book. As a soft copy, I would like to offer it as a book that is ready for use… for any Church, School, Hospital, Prison, Shelter, Drug Rehab or any other charitable cause. Resurrected From Hell will be available for you to print and sell to raise money for your cause. Currently, at this time I have right around five volumes. I will release them as free e-books through the Resurrected From Hell website.

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Review of: Chapter Ten | MURDER & JUDGMENT | From: RFH Vol 1

This chapter is a small glimpse into the harsh reality of judgment often placed on people by others. I believe the scripture that immediately comes into my mind when I hear the word righteous (a word very much associated with judgment) is:

LUKE 1:6 (NIV)
Both of them were righteous in the sight of GOD, observing all the LORD'S commands and decrees blamelessly.

Both: Talking about; Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth.

The parents of; John the Baptist

The reason that this verse really sticks out to me so much is because I believe it truly shows us GOD'S judgment differently than we might expect it to be.

"For MY thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways MY ways," declares THE LORD.

When I was new to THE WORD OF GOD, and I read LUKE 1:6 and seeing both (Zechariah and Elizabeth) of them were righteous. The word righteous just jumped out at me. I really started thinking about myself and how GOD saw me. As I continued to read about Zechariah and Elizabeth, I found in verse 20 (LUKE 1:20)

LUKE 1:20 (NIV)
And now you will be silent and not able to speak until the day this happens, because you did not believe my words, which will come true at their appointed time."

In the above verse, you read the words of Gabriel an Angel to our LORD GOD THE FATHER of JESUS CHRIST. Remember in LUKE 1:6 we read how both Zechariah and Elizabeth were both found walking righteously before THE LORD! Later in verse 20, we read about Gabriel muting Zechariah because of his disbelief in him and his wife being able to have a child.“Whom” Gabriel came to tell him about personally.

Now please keep in mind that this was before the Crucifixion of CHRIST and before the crucifixion of JESUS, there was punishment handed down to people by GOD. However, through the Crucifixion of CHRIST, we have been saved and HE (JESUS) paid the price for all of our sins.

ISAIAH 5:4-6 (NIV)
4 Surely HE took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered HIM punished by GOD, stricken by HIM, and afflicted.
5 But he was pierced for our transgressions; HE was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on HIM, and by HIS wounds, we are healed.
6 We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way, and THE LORD has laid on HIM the iniquity of us all.

I just wanted to touch on that so “anyone hearing” about JESUS for the first time would know that HE has vindicated our wrongs, and GOD isn't wanting to punish us. Which really ties right into my situation in Murder And Judgment Chapter Ten of Resurrected From Hell Volume One. As I mentioned when I first read about Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth walking righteously before THE LORD I begin thinking how great that must have been. As I started thinking to myself how does THE LORD view me? THE HOLY SPIRIT shut that type thinking down and said GOD thinks of you has a child. YOU know WHO JESUS is and confess HIS name.

This righteousness is given through faith in JESUS CHRIST to all who believe.

Don't be bullied into believing what the world may think of you and judge you by. And don't place self-judgment on yourself. Believe and trust in our LORD GOD.“KNOW” that you are JUDGED by HIM and are being perfected by THE HOLY SPIRIT. From the moment you said by THE NAME OF JESUS forgive me, GOD, you began to be perfected. This is what the base of Chapter Ten Murder & Judgment is about.


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Review of: Chapter Four | A MARRIAGE FORMED BY GOD | From: RFH VOL 1


The opening of this chapter is very much the man that I was. I had no vision of a woman outside of her being nothing more than a sexual object. When you take that thought pattern and try to build a marriage around it, a divorce will most likely result from this almost every time ... which is what happened to me on two different occasions. If you're okay with someone cheating on you, then you might be a perfect fit for a spouse like I once was. I was never faithful to any of the women in my life.... girlfriend, wife, or whatever it was ... I was always looking for the next best thing! From one relationship to the next I was always expecting something different and better each time. The truth is... it was only about self-pleasure.... and then one day I met Keisha, girlfriend then... wife now!

The relationship between her and I started out bad and just got worse, there was not one good thing about it. Had we gotten married at the time, that marriage definitely would have ended in divorce. Thankfully in that moment that we were not putting JESUS CHRIST first, we didn't get married. I went to jail instead and that was the best thing that ever happened to me!

Seeing Keisha, for the first time after accepting a relationship with JESUS CHRIST and being released from jail, I can truly say, was the first time that I had ever truly seen her. And it's because GOD showed her to me. That's why this chapter is very near and dear to my heart. GOD took two people that were not even on speaking terms and brought them together in a bond far beyond anything that we could ever imagine.

And both of us know without question, that our marriage is ROCK solid... because it is built off of the TRUE ROCK, JESUS CHRIST.

HE'S the reason that our marriage exists and the reason that we are not doing the things that we once did. Sure we have our ups and downs, but there is no one more perfect than Keisha to be by my side through it all. We both know that anything that tries to come against our marriage will not succeed!

Thank YOU JESUS for my marriage, a marriage formed by GOD!

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The Money My Controller, the title alone is so defining of the chapter. At one point in my life I believed that money was the overall key to happiness. You could not convince me that there was anything more important in life than money, everything revolved around the $ sign to me. It didn't matter if it was doing something for a good cause or a bad cause... if it was about money, I was about it. Money was truly my master and I was its slave!

1 TIMOTHY 6:10 NIV For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people craving money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

Throughout my life, I've heard this scripture quoted ... but only part of it. I've never heard it quoted word for word or even what book of the bible it was from. When I would hear it quoted it always would go something like this,

"money is the root of all evil"

But now after reading the scripture for myself and looking at many of my past choices when it came to money, that scripture holds true in my life and the way that I was living my life back then. Even now, this scripture is one that I really need to use daily because it is easy to get wrapped up in something that looks good but it can be for all the wrong reasons if I am not careful. That's what Resurrected From Hell is based on... me personally, getting into many different situations through out my life and BOOM! a gigantic bomb of trouble goes off and blows up in my face every time. Just about every time money was the root of the problem, now it is not that having money is a bad thing, however, it was my desire/love for the money that was fueled by bad purposes and that is the base of Chapter 3 The Money My Controller.

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Review of: Chapter Two| THE ADDICTION | From: RFH VOL1

This chapter is based on my many addictions, including addictions that I never knew that I had. I believe that most of the time when someone hears the word addiction.... they think of drugs, alcohol, sex and so on. However, I have discovered addictions down deep within myself that only CHRIST, could have opened my mind, heart, and eyes too. HE was so... non-judgmental towards me and just as JAMES 1:5 tells us, GOD will give us wisdom without finding fault. And GOD did just that! I was wanting to get over my drug addiction and had tried everything from switching drugs, switching neighborhoods and even switching countries at one point. All in the hopes that I would overcome the drug addiction and needless to say, nothing worked. I tried AA and just about everything else that you can think of, all with failed results, I had to get high on a daily basis before I could even go outside. As I spent the six months in jail in 2006, I still was able to use drugs from the inside of a jail. As I mentioned, I had tried just about everything to overcome my drug addiction and the only thing that I hadn't tried was JESUS. So I am in jail still using drugs... feeling completely hopeless in being able to overcome my drug addiction. But from the moment that I said, In THE NAME of JESUS forgive me, GOD, things started to change, I begin to change and... it wasn't a forceful change! It was a very gentle and smooth transition without pointing out all my flaws, it opened my heart, soul, and mind to a new life. To a life that is everlasting and forever growing better on a daily basis. We're talking years of drug use, wiped clean... no more driving into houses at 5:30 A.M. No more police chasing me, no more waking up and not knowing what city or state that I am in or country for that matter. No more driving on the wrong side of the road, and into ditches. No more car crashes and cutting the airbags out and keep going days. No more having people beat on my chest to get my heart started again. I could keep going and going... these are just a few of my many experiences on drugs. As I said, there were so many other addictions within me that I started to notice when I allowed CHRIST to come into my life. HE had always wanted to come into my life but gave me the right to choose, HE was never forceful. And by doing so, I can't count the areas in my life that have improved. I was addicted to myself in so many ways, from my thought pattern... about women, cars, homes, gossip, porn, drugs, money, people and so much more and just my desires in all these areas as well. I never really saw any of these areas as an addiction. I had put so much thought, time and emotion into all of these areas of my life and really thought they had a purpose in my life. That's something that I have never had... A PURPOSE! Sure I had a temporary fulfillment in drug, sex, money, porn, and so on. But still was left with a failing sense of purpose. However, the day that I called on THE NAME of JESUS, HE gave me a never-failing PURPOSE greater than anything I have ever imaged for myself. Through HIM (CHRIST) I saw the illusion, of everything that I thought had a purpose in my life that I once chased after.

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Review of: Chapter One | THE INTRODUCTION | From: RFH VOL 1

Why is the Introduction an entire chapter?
I felt the need to write an entire chapter instead of the normal one or two page introduction. I really wanted to give you a sense of who I was and how I once felt about GOD.

I often pondered was GOD even real and if so did I ever stand a chance with HIM?

Sure... I've been to church from a young age and heard countless sermons about GOD and who HE was or who people thought HE was. I have heard JESUS spoken about in and out of the church, but at the end of the day, honestly, I still did not know it to be real and was not sure about my real views or where I honestly stood to "really" believe about all of it.

It's about me just taking a chance, regardless of how uncertain I was and picking up the bible to see if there really was anything to it. Surely if there is a GOD, HE could help me understand HIS existence. So I was honestly just rock bottom enough, that the only thought of hope for me, could only be achieved if there really was a GOD.

I picked it up (The Bible) and opened it, not looking for anything in particular, actually, I don't know what I was expecting to happen, I really didn't know anything about it. Sure I knew of MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE, and JOHN... but that's pretty much it. I couldn't quote you the first scripture if my life had depended on it. Not that, that matters! GOD is so willing and desires to connect with us no matter what. So I found myself just letting the bible kinda fall open in my hands. I'm thinking to myself if there is a GOD, and it is HIS book? Just let HIM allow HIS book to open where HE wants it to open. So when it opened it, it opened to the book of REVELATION, now I remember I've heard that name before. At the time, I couldn't have told you where I heard that name before. But now here in the present, I can tell it was from a seed planted by GOD within me a long time ago. Now, I can tell you where I was at the time that the seed was planted, how old I was, what day it was and what its purpose was and is still is. That is a story all on its own, which I cover in RFH Volume 2, Chapter 1, Jesus the man. My point being in saying all of this is that my mental, physical and spiritual transformation, began from me just picking up the bible and reading it. I now know thru the word (The Bible) that GOD is the WORD and thru JESUS, the WORD transformed me and renewed me. So back to Revelation and the bible, after really getting curious when reading REVELATION... I begin to start going through different books and finding two scriptures that really spoke to me

JOHN 14:14 You may ask for anything in MY NAME, and I will do it.

JAMES 1:5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask GOD, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

Now at that time of reading this scripture, I'm locked up in jail and on countless charges. If you've ever been to jail, you know what your first thought is.

How can I get out of here?

So there I am in jail and it is one of the worst times in my life. After seeing the word REVELATION, as the bible fell open, it was like it jarred something loose in my memory. As bad as I wanted out of jail at the time, I couldn't for the life of me ask to get out. I asked for forgiveness, "in THE NAME of JESUS, if YOU'RE real come into my life and show me."

And what I discovered was THE GOD that I found that day, was a God that I had never heard the first sermon about. The way that HE presented HIMSELF to me, was nothing like what I thought HE would be. I actually was rock bottom enough that day, that giving GOD a chance was my only option and hope left, so I gave GOD a try. I opened the bible, that was it, the bible says that GOD is the WORD (the bible). It doesn't matter if you believe, don't believe or what you've done or haven't done. HE truly gave me knowledge and wisdom thru THE WORD, without finding my fault and weakness first. I have never gotten that anywhere else before, I have always had my faults pointed out by others or myself at times. Sometimes we are looking for a light show and a great divine experience of supernatural, not that these things are not possible and do not happen, this is a very real aspect to GOD. However, GOD presents himself at certain times and in certain ways to people and for very specific purposes. My experience started subtle, thru.... his WORD (the bible) and has grown and manifest from the word REVELATION!


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